Adoptive Home Study / Foster Parent Certification Process

All Inner Circle families are “dually prepared” to be foster and adoptive parents. What this means is that whether your goal is to become a foster parent and/or an adoptive parent, the process is the same. All families must complete ALL 8 parts of the certification and home study process PRIOR to the placement of a foster or fost-adopt child in your home.

Certification / Home Study Process:

1. Attend 4 Inner Circle Trainings and 1 Orientation and for a total of 14 hours
Indicating classes are offered weekends, weekdays and weeknights.
2. CPR/First Aid Training/Water Safety Training. (It is free of charge)
3.Physical Environment Check
4. Agency Approval

What will be taught during the Initial Training?

Introduction to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and the Dependency Court system
Outline of the process / timeline to becoming a certified home / Child Abuse and Mandated Reporting responsibilities
The Legal Process; Understanding the process from initial placement to either reunification or adoption finalization
Complying with State Title 22 Regulations; Preparing your home to welcome a child/children
Discipline; Discussion of discipline techniques that are both appropriate and allowable
Review of Inner Circle policy and procedures, including but limited to:
– Completing the monthly paperwork
– Administering and documenting medications
– Emergency protocol and reporting Special Incidents
– Birth family visitation rules and procedures

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