Victims Of Crime Counseling

Inner Circle is committed to helping crime victims through the Victims Compensation Program. The Victim Compensation Program (VCP) can help victims of violent crime and their families deal with the emotional, physical, and financial aftermath of crime. Victims can apply for compensation by filing an application with the California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board at: (application link below)

Who Qualifies

Victims of crimes such as:

– Child Abuse

– Physical Abuse

– Sexual Assault

– Emotional Abuse

– General Neglect

– Domestic Violence

– Other examples

Inner Circle provides therapy services FREE of charge through the California Victim Compensation Program Victim’s of Crime Program to children, youth and adult victims of crime. If you or someone you know is a crime victim, if you want to volunteer to help victims or simply want more information, please call our toll free number 844-344-5437 or email us at

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