Welcome To Inner Circle Foster Care & Adoption Services

Inner Circle Foster Care & Adoption Services was organized to address the growing deficit of services to troubled children and families in our community. We believe every individual has the intrinsic right to have their basic needs met in a respectful, supportive manner. Families deserve every reasonable opportunity to preserve their family unit. Recognizing that the family is the foundation of our community, we believe that children who live in nurturing, stable environments will mature into healthy, productive members of society.


Learn more about the process and terms used.

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Learn more how All Inner Circle families are “dually prepared” to be foster and adoptive parents.

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Developmental Disabilities

Learn more on how to become a specialized parent for children with regional disabilities.

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Victims Of Crime Counseling

Learn more how Inner Circle is committed to helping crime victims through the Compensation.

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  • Ashley is a 16-year-old female who came into care with Inner Circle Foster Agency after a difficult past. Ashley had been in and out of foster care and temporary relative placements for years. When she came to Inner Circle Foster Agency, she had been AWOL for almost three weeks prior. Ashley arrived at the home of Ms. Johnson with a history of substance abuse, truancy and a criminal background. Ashley had already completed a program for her substance abuse problems but was unable to return home due to parental substance issues and their inability to make Ashley attend school. When Ashley arrived to our agency she was very behind in credits, which was going making to make it difficult for her to graduate from high school.

  • Both parents agree that, “fostering children will not stop here.” They state that shouldthey be blessed to officially adopt John officially, they will continue to foster more children for as long as they have the space in their home. To be able to give 100% of themselves to children has been their life’s mission. They recently have been assigned an adoptions worker. They are thrilled, excited, and nervous in anticipation of this process and yet very hopeful. They are getting closer to fulfilling their long-held dream of adoption.

  • John's foster father has been so grateful for the opportunity to care for this baby boy. He recalls there being a delay initially in the certification process, leading him to later realize that the reason for delay was what brought John into their loving home. He states that the delay was a blessing in disguise. It was “meant to be… a dream come true… we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect baby.” He reports that he, at the time, had no idea that John would later be the child he would soon be able to adopt.

  • The Molina family began fostering over a year ago. John was placed with his foster family when he was just 3 three days old. His foster mother remembers how nervous and excited she felt while driving to the hospital to pick John up John. At first, she foster mother was a little nervous to be caring for a new born baby, but it later she was a surprised to discover her how in tuned to John she became.

  • During her time in Ms. Johnson’s home, Ashley and her biological mother worked diligently through some of the issues they had.  Ashley learned how to follow instructions and deal with her emotions. She worked hard on her independent living skills and was able to complete all assigned tasks without issues. Ashley also learned time management and was consistently getting herself up and ready for school on time. Ashley was rarely tardy and worked extremely hard on her homework. Ashley even reached a level of maturity and responsibility where she was allowed to also begin seeking employment, while she still attended school.

  • Ashley was able to return to her mother’s care in March of 2014. Upon her termination of foster care, Ashley had no problems with going AWOL, truancy, or drug use while in the of home of Ms. Johnson. She is still behind in school but is now working hard to catch up and taking ownership of the issues she had in her past. Ashley’s mother is also taking on a more parental role in caring for Ashley since she is now clean and sober. Due to the hard work of Ms. Johnson, Ashley and her biological mother, the family Ashley has been reunited with her family and working towards great things a greater future.

Why Choose Inner Circle?

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Personal attention

Inner Circle is a small to medium sized agency that knows each of our families. As an agency we are dedicated to maintaining a warm and welcoming family feel.


Inner Circle is responsive

Inner Circle is responsive to the needs and questions of our families. Calls, texts, and emails are returned. Inner Circlemaintains a 24 hour support line (818) 988-6300 where a masters level professional can be reached at all times


Inner Circle has an excellent reputation

Inner Circle has an excellent reputation with the State of California, Community Care Licensing, Department of Children and Family Services, and our surrounding communities.


Inner Circle and the community

Inner Circle is able to offer a host of enrichment programs for foster families only through generous donations and grants. Most of our utilized programs derive from the community giving back. Through this fund, we are able to “normalize” childhood for children in foster care by providing opportunities the state is unable to provide. These opportunities include sports camps, music lessons, a new bike, a prom dress, a baseball mitt, and other items children long for.


Whether your goal is to foster, adopt, or you are undecided

Inner Circle is dual-licensed and is able to assist children with both foster care services and adoption finalization services. With a dual license, we can remain with families every step of the way, from start to finish. If you decide to pursue adoption, Inner Circle can help speed the adoption process by conducting the Adoption Home Study. Inner Circle also provides a multitude of additional support services to adoptive families and birth family throughout the program.


"Thank you for believing in me." - One foster youth to her Inner Circle Social Worker and foster parents.
"I am made to feel at home when I come to the office. The staff is supportive and friendly." - Foster parent from Inner Circle regarding her level of service.
"It’s like a big family. I finally feel like I belong somewhere." - Joanna, a foster youth from Inner Circle.
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